Shelley Youell, Medium and Artist

DIPPING her hand into a paint palette, Shelley Youell closes her eyes.

As her favourite trance music fills the room, she tunes in to the spirit
world. The mum of one is guided by spirit to paint messages for their loved ones. Shelley, born on 4. Dezember 1970, is a hairdresser by day but also e Medium, Psychic and Artist. Her artwork is so detailed, she even painted a picture of the spot where one of her spirits was murdered without knowing.

Shelley says: “I hear spirits all the time but I’ve learned that I can’t
listen to them constantly. “I have to be disciplined. So I put on my ‘hairdresser’s head’ and go to work. “Then, when I’ve got some free time, I close my eyes and listen to trance-like music.

“I allow the spirits to get close so I can hear and feel them. I sense who
they are, and picture what they want me to paint.

“When I finish a cut and colour, my customers often ask if I could do a
painting for them.

A Spiritual Artist working to commission. Shelley’s work has a beautiful movement amd flow to it. The colours are vibrant and lend themselves well to the tealight globes and jewellery that she has just started working on. Shelley’s work is certainly eye catching, and detailed; the colours and style vary depending on what she feels at the time.

Please feel free to contac Shelley on her

Facebook link.

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